My dream apartment

I think an apartment is like our bedroom when we were teenagers, this is the space where we belong inside our house, the room where we can sing out loud, cry, scream, laugh secretly of something, this is where we sleep, the place where we can dance even almost naked haha! We can hide here if we don’t want nobody to see us if we’re on one of those days, in a bad mood. This is our privacy, now I can imagine that an apartment would be more than that!. I’m studying now way too far from home, I started thinking into get an apartment (first, I need to get a job) haha, anyway I’m preparing ideas of the apartment I want to have someday. Simplicity, illuminated  neon and pink touches, huge, fresh, girly, fashionable, modern… I don’t know how to explain myself but with some photos!

This will be a part of my closet, yey!

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I’m loving: Moschino Cheap & Chic

Cheap & Chic is the youthful line of Moschino, the collections are playful and very colorfull, pretty and  such an inspiration to have fun in a chic way! Just look at the neons and bright colors that i’m loving in every photo! And there are not just bright colors and prints, there are some pieces in pastels too, so the collection is pretty, colorful and sweet at the same time. Just take a look!

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